10 Amazing Care Package Ideas For Loved Ones

If you are like most of the rest of the world, you have been quarantined due to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Because of this, it might have been quite some time since you have seen your friends and family up close in person. However, there is a way to showcase your love for your friends and family even if you can’t do it the traditional way. That is by sending a quarantine care package. This can be a fantastic way to really showcase how much you care about them and it can really help lift their spirits. Below, we will be going over some of the different things you can send in a care package during the mandated quarantine.

What is a Care Package?

The main concept of a care package came into fruition back in 1945 when the Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe (CARE) created a program to provide food relief to Europe, where millions were in danger of starvation as a result of WWII. As time went on, the concept evolved and today is used in a variety of ways.  While most people are familiar with hospital and home care packages, other popular types include care packages for military personnel and even college students.

What Do You Put in a Care Package

What you send in a care package really comes down to who the care package is for. Here’s are some questions you may want to ask yourself when setting out to create something memorable:

  • What are some specific hobbies and interests they have?
  • Are they an indoor or outdoor person?
  • What makes them smile or laugh?
  • What are their foods o snacks to eat?
  • What time of year is it? Is there a holiday or special occasion right around the corner that the package’s recipient would really enjoy?
  • Are they a fan of any specific movies and TV shows?
  • What type of books do they like to read?
  • What types of flowers might they like?

As a friend or family member, you have a great idea of what the person enjoys, so you’re in a fantastic spot when it comes to delivering something that would really make their day. Just sit down for a few minutes and ponder on your thoughts. Feel free to use the above questions to get started.

10 Different Care Package Ideas:

1. Face masks

One of the best safety measures you can take to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus is by wearing a face mask at all times when you are outside. Even if you are keeping a safe distance, a face mask can help decrease the odds of transmission. In fact, a lot of states even have mandated the use of face masks outside of the house and on public transportation. Because of this, any care package you send to a friend or family member should include a face mask.  At Covrup, that’s where we come in.  It is the single best gift you can give anyone right now. Not only are they required in some states and even to enter certain retailers like Costco, but it shows how much you care about them and their well-being.

2. Favorite Food

It has become very difficult to do simple things that we usually take for granted. Even something as simple as shopping at our favorite grocery stores can be difficult when you are quarantined. While there are ways to shop online and have groceries delivered, it can be a good way to really showcase your love for someone. Send them some of their favorite spice or favorite snack and they will certainly be grateful.

3. Board Games

Because we are all stuck at home, it might be a good idea to send out some cool activities that they will be able to enjoy during their extended free-time. One of the best things you can send them would be board games. As long as they have others living with them, board games can be a great way for them to spend time with their own housemates or family and it can help them pass the time together. You can find a variety of different fun and exciting board games including the classics like Monopoly which can be great time wasters.

4. Gift Cards

One of the best things you can possibly include in your care package would be gift cards that they can use on their favorite forms of entertainment. Due to the crisis, a lot of people have been laid off. Because of this, it can be very difficult to find discretionary income that you can spend on entertainment. Providing your friends or family with a care package that includes gift cards that they can use on entertainment will allow them to do things like subscribe to Netflix, Audible, or do something else with the funds which can keep them busy.

5. Books

Books are one of the most underrated mediums of entertainment. If you know people who are readers, you will want to consider sending them a care package featuring some of your favorite books or even books curated specifically for them. This is going to allow them to really partake in reading during quarantine which can help keep their mind working and allow them to enjoy themselves.

6. Xbox Gamepass or PS Now

Video games have become one of the main forms of entertainment among those interested in the gaming industry during this quarantine period. In fact, it has become so prevalent that you will find professional athletes playing video games on ESPN and a variety of other channels. If you have a friend or family member who is a gamer themselves, you can purchase them a gifted subscription to either Xbox Gamepass or PS Now which will give them a lot of different games that they can check out during the quarantine period and beyond. These subscription services are making it easier to find entertainment to keep us at home during these unprecedented times.

7. Knitting Supplies

If you have someone that is a fan of knitting, there are no better items you can include than knitting supplies. You will be able to send this to your mother, grandmother, or anyone else that enjoys it. Knitting supplies can be difficult to get because something as simple as going to the arts and craft store can be a life-altering decision. To keep your friends, family, and loved ones indoors, you should be looking to make every effort you can to keep them indoors and away from other people. By supplying them with the knitting supplies they need through a care package, you can do just that.

8. Candles

If you know someone who loves candles, they can make for a great addition to a care package. Candles can be excellent for stressful times like these. Not only can you find candles that have stress-relieving properties, but candles can be used in emergency situations like power outages.

9. Vitamins and Supplements

During these times, it is more important than perhaps ever before to ensure you have an optimized immune system. While taking vitamins and supplements isn’t going to make you resistant to transmitting the virus, it can help boost your immune system to give your body the best possible chance at winning a fight versus it. By taking all of your essential vitamins including a high-quality multivitamin, you should be able to give your body the best chance to optimize its immune system function. Any care package that contains supplements during these times will truly be appreciated.

10. Puzzles

Puzzles are another good activity that you can partake in during these times. Sending your friends and family members puzzles that can help them keep busy during these stressful times can be a great way to showcase your appreciation and to help them remain indoors.

Overall, there are plenty of different things you can include in a quarantine care package. Follow some of the tips above and you should be able to curate a very good package for your loved ones