Fertility Treatment Put on Hold

Coronavirus put our lives on pause. My husband and I were just about to start a new fertility treatment in New York that we were really excited about. We live in California and were looking forward to the journey together as a couple. Weeks before our appointment, the breakout of the virus took over New York and soon our appointment was cancelled due to the facility being shut down. Now our baby journey is on hold, like many other couples. On top of the disappoint of this situation, I fear for my husband every day as he is deemed as an essential worker in the food industry. Despite this fear, It brings me comfort to know that he is still working, making an impact, and being another person trying to make this world a better place – A better place for everyone and most importantly our future child. This is just a speed bump before we hit the open road, I am sure of it. 



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Camylla Battani