Keeping Sanity in Quarantine

My name is Nohar, I live in Israel: 

When the COVID-19 started to spread, I was in Thailand, a long trip after the military service. I traveled all over the country, from north to south, on both sides. It was beautiful. The blue water, the white sand. The views, lots of palm trees and many tuk-tuks, but my family was worried (like, really worried. 10 times missing calls in 1 hour – worried) so I had to shorten my trip and to come back. When I was there, I didn’t feel the panic, so I don’t know how dangerous it is at that time. Anyway, I was one of the pioneers that needed to be in quarantine. It was very confusing. They told me to go home until further notice, So I did. Almost 20 days of Netflix and a lot of tasty food. I mean, 7 kg in 20 days? Pretty impressive. I tried to keep my sanity in all this chaos. I still do. I work out as much as I can, I’m trying to lose all the weight I gained (and it’s hard, so hard) – but it keeps me sane. Every day feels like Saturday, 2 am feels like 4 pm. I’ve nothing left to watch on Netflix, and I think I don’t remember how to do my makeup anymore. Sometimes I breakdown, mentally. when I do, I try to convince myself that sooner or later it’ll all be behind us. The human spices survived so many disasters- we won’t let a bat beat us. It’ll be ok. Smile, try to be positive, because one day we’ll tell our children about this surreal times.


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