Poetry On Covid 19 – When I Look Out the Window

Ronny Weinreich, a veteran and musician based in Los Angeles provides poetry on Covid 19. His unique perspective questions how distant we really are from: 

When I Look Out the Window – Ronny Weinreich

When I look out the window on my way to another interval at the refrigerator, I do not see any Corona out there.

But when I look at the TV all I see and hear are people who are talking about a virus that consumes our life.

When I open up facebook there is an angry world afraid that we’ve passed the point of no return and a nation on the verge of destruction. But when I look out of my window I see a pristine pause of serenity and peace.

When I talk to my friends on the phone I hear that they are going crazy being locked up in an apartment for so long without anything to do. In regular times however, I can recall that all we ever yearned for was to sit around and do nothing in front of the TV all day and get in our 8 hours of sleep.

When I talk to my parents they are concerned with the uncertainty of when this is all going to end and when we’ll be able to get together again. But when I think about it, I have been seeing them a lot more than usual through video chat and we still talk about the same things – what the future holds.

When I scroll through my instagram feed I see people confined to their homes playing music, singing, cooking, a fair amount of complaining. When I raise my eyes from my phone and look around the room and all I can see is that I’m at home.

So where do I look to get the truth? Is my life located inside of a screen? Is my experience located inside of someone else’s experience? Or is my life located where I am? Is my experience independent of what other people are saying about their’s?

Do I allow the world to grant me what I will experience or do I grant myself to experience the world the way that I want it to be? – Poetry on Covid 19

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